Thursday 14 June 2007


After reading wifeinthenorth today I have come to realise how shallow and inadequate my writing is. She bares her soul, rants against injustice and howls at the moon. Very un-PC, very un-British, beautifully written, mind blowing and painfully, painfully honest. Yesterday she wrote about bullying and her comments are bang on the nail. Why can’t I write like that? I guess it’s because a) I am not that articulate and b) I haven’t got the courage to let everyone know who I really, really am.

Also, it is hard to write my life experiences without identifying and pissing off the general populace. My dear husband is cool though. He is confident enough to know that I love him. I write tongue in cheek and when I badmouth him he more than deserves it. He actually seems to enjoy public humiliation, but that’s another story.

So here I sit at my computer trying to behave myself, make sense of retirement and adopt good attitudes to those around me. Out of consideration for others I write thoughts, feelings and deeds without passion (an oxymoron?). I AM building up to having a good rant but not today. Today I will be calm and politely write about the packing of boxes, the preparation work for the builder to start and how dreadful the weather is.

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