Monday 18 June 2007


This morning it was pointed out that although I have mentioned our impending major renovation works, I haven’t said exactly what is being done.

Let me explain. We moved into a two-bedroom bungalow 20+ years ago onto which old brown eyes built a two-story extension. So we ended up with an odd looking bungalow with a house stuck on the back. Various people have pondered on ways to give it “curb appeal” and it seemed the only solution was to add symmetry by building another story above the bungalow bit.

During the planning of this things got a bit out of hand (as they do!). If we were going to do structural alterations why not change the internal design and refurbish the whole house? A make over is more than overdue because it hasn’t even been redecorated since 1995!

Stage one is that we have moved out of the front of the house which is now a building site. Over the next few months the roof on the front of the bungalow will be removed and another story added. The kitchen will remain single story and act as a link between the new and existing 2-story sections. The kitchen ceiling and roof will also be removed, the roof raised to gain headroom for an open walkway to be constructed to access the new bedroom. Internal walls will be removed in the kitchen to form a kitchen/living room with a cathedral ceiling and velux windows.

Stage two is to flip the building site/living accommodation arrangement and move into the new part of the house and refurbish the rest of the house.

Hey nonny nonny, ho nonny nonny. If I’m not mad now, I soon will be!!

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Stinking Billy said...

I took your kidding and I now see what you meant. You are 'senior' enough to have great grandchildren and yet allowed yourself to be put into such a topsy-turvy situation? Mama mia, you should be sat back with your feet up (never mind where). But I guess I admire you.