Sunday 12 August 2007


Recent email from my wonderful, crazy mate. With friends like this I would have to be mad wouldn’t I? And I have been assured by many, many people that I surely am mad. :-

"Just seen the picture of your wonderful house - or what remains of it - and reflected:-

The first time James & I came to stay with you we were amazed at being able to leave the bedroom curtains open as we weren't over-looked and longed to buy somewhere we could do the same.

I now note there is nowhere to hang curtains let alone leave them open. James and I also mentioned at that time that the opportunity you had for adding on was superb - up and out was going to be a must. I know you did that - ending up with the proverbial lounge that went from first office to large enough to house 250 illegal immigrants with their own swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

Well dear, looking at the ‘photo what goes around comes around. As you say, no walls, no roof but at least no illegal immigrants - swimming pool is out of water!!!!

As to the man scratching his much do we love him!!!

SO the plan is this..... tomorrow I have total charge of the Princess and the ASBO from 0600 when Mother and Father set off to sell the family silver at a car boot sale to pay for the flooring. They recently discovered the stop cock has been leaking forever.

We - that is me, Princess and ASBO , will turn up under cover of darkness with buckets of wattle and daub to rebuild the family home for you - ABSO has promised the walls, Princess says she'll daub it all and I will thatch the roof. See what friends are for. Having completed that task we'll come back with photos. You'll be amazed and I am sure so thankful!!!!!

Therefore dear friend - feel free to sleep restfully tonight knowing that I am in charge - or was it the ASBO, or was it the Princess???? Whoever, we will ensure you have curtains up before you return!!!

Loadsa again - and yes I now feel I really am becoming do-do!!!!"

My reply?:-

"……..and by the way, if Princess and the ABSO come near my fucking house with daub and wattle you are for the high jump! But thank you for your kind thoughts on the subject!
Love, your faithful friend. xx"


Chris at 'Chrissie's Kitchen' said...

Just popped over to say 'hello' & are you still in Switzerland?

I'm still here in the border lands, having just fed daught no 1 + husband + 2 young grandsons. I'm not a natural grandmama - oh dear. You sound pretty laid back about such stuff I think. What's the secret? Do tell...

Lizzie said...

You wouldn't have thought me at all laid back when I lost it two evenings ago. One of my darling little great grandaughters is very hyperactive. We had spent the day at the swimming pool and when we got back to the apartment I couldn't scrape her off the ceiling! Add to that I was extremely tired myself. I am ashamed to have to report that I eventually had to resort to an old fashioned screaming match followed by a smack on the bum to calm her down. It worked with her, but I felt like shit! ...and yes, I am still disturbing the tranquility of Switzerland with my dysfunctional family