Wednesday 29 August 2007


After a very frustrating day my IT guru finally uncovered the secrets of the keyboard failure in the form of an email received entitled "resolving connection problems on BlackBerry". First line of text "Please find step by step instructions below for fixing pairing issues with the newer BlackBerrys".

Now forgive me for being innocent, but why wasn't there a health warning on the instruction booklet, "This is the cutest of keyboards but if you try to connect it with one of the newer BlackBerries (which it is, incidentally, specifically designed for) you may have to be committed because they hate each other and their squabbling will drive you mad".

So ... it wasn't me, my grandson, my sister-in-law's grandson, or my IT guru being dumb. It was a compatability fault. The two devices just won't get friendly together and until there is a more permanent fix, which we are assured is in the pipeline, I have to follow a complicated and sometimes varied routine to get the two to kiss and make up.

And while I'm following this complicated routine (which my IT guru describes as "simple" - the only thing simple here my friend is me) I may accidentally turn off the wireless link, which then produces all sorts of other problems!

"My BlackBerry is still not working" from a very angry boss, "sort it out. This department is going to the dogs". Lengthy investigations later "Oh look, the silly moo has pressed the wrong button again". I tell you, this BlackBerry is doing nothing for my street cred. I can usually hide my mess ups, but occasionally they come to light in the most spectacular way. Drat.

Am I ready for the live blogging of my Orient Express expience? I very much doubt it. If there are no blogs from Tuesday onwards take that as a no! Or, alternatively, I may be having such a good time that I won't be assed with all this nonsense!!

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DogLover said...

What ARE you talking about, R&C ?

What is a BlackBerry?

doglover said...

You have either led a very sheltered life my dear friend or, as I suspect, you wyndeth me up. You know full well what a BlackBerry is - you would have Googled it.