Thursday 14 May 2009


"Where are you?"
"You'll have to come down"
Shit, I was 15 minutes of swearing my way through a call centre maze and was just about to speak to a human being.
"What is it?"
"Come down"
Very ungraciously I stomped my way down the stairs. He was sitting on a chair looking dreadful.
"I need help".
Suddenly all my caring and practical instincts kicked in - big time!
"What's wrong?"
"I don't know, I can't use my arm". Then his leg went numb, the side of his face dropped and he started slurring his speech. The TV infomercial of the man having a stroke flashed into my mind and I bundled him into the car, mind racing - doctors or hospital -which? I plumped for the doctor because it's nearest.

To cut a long story short, we were immediately seen by the doctor who, on examing him, 'phoned the hospital to get him admitted. The 'phone was answered but put down again. After several minutes the doctor said "I can hear them speaking, but them seem to have laid the 'phone down on the desk" She re-dialed but because they had the 'phone off the hook the line was busy.
Tongue in cheek I said "Good job it's not an emergency then!"
She laughed nervously, "It IS an emergency"
"Look, why don't you hold on for them and I'll drive him over there now"
"Good idea, go straight there and if he gets worse on the journey stop the car and call an ambulance".

Well, OG, being OG, insisted that we call into the house to pick up various bits and bobs that he needed to take with him.

To cut a long story short (again) by the time we got to the hospital he was displaying all signs of the episode being a migraine but they fast tracked him, did a brain scan and a blood test, found he didn't have a brain but the blood tests were fine and after an afternoon of him sleeping and me eating my way out of the problem we were allowed home in time for tea. Too much excitement for two Senior Citizens.

As my friend JeanGenius would say "Another Ho! Hum! day in paradise".


Marian Dean said...

Well, it could have been the real thing, so you were wise to act so promptly!
We have had one or more 'false alarms', but better safe than sorry.
Least you didn't lose your sense of humour along the way!

Love Granny

Maggie May said...

My husband had a mini stroke years ago, that seemed very like that! They called it a TIA. He was unable to use his left side for twenty minutes & behaved very strangely & aggressively.
Nothing showed up on his scans but he has had to take Asprin every day ever since!
Always take those kind of things seriously, everyone!
You were very sensible and got OG to hospital very quickly.
Hope he never gets anything like it again!

Anonymous said...

Phew glad it was all ok , but I agree with Maggie,friend of mine had a mini stroke, he was 51, it was passed off as a migraine , tow weeks later he had a bigger episode that was recognised as a TIA.
keep an eye on the old fella .Just in case said...

Thanks for you visit granny. You've got to laugh though haven't you? said...

OG had what they thought was a series of TIA's a few years ago Maggie. After various tests and a week in hospital the neurologist diagnosed migraine, but that doesn't mean to say we should rule out a stroke if the symptoms are the same. Hence the panic. said...

I should say here VM that it was me that diagnosed migraine, the hospital are still calling it a TIA and are going to do more tests as an outpatient.

Anonymous said...

Jeez! I hope he is OK now. At least you got to have tea!

Mare Freeborn said...

Yes and had tea and a bakewell tart too boot. So all was not lost!

jay said...

Oh, gosh ... what a nightmare! I'm so glad OG was OK!

Migraine! I have those, but not to the point of legs and arms going numb and face drooping. Yikes!

aims said...

I've never had a migraine like that! Thank goodness.

Is he alright now?

I can well imagine how you felt. How utterly scary!

Everything crossed for him over here. Hoping it doesn't go further. Tell him we all care. said...

I know Jay, it's so dibilitating isn't it? Thankfully I don't get them, but sometimes it hurts more to see your loved one suffer doesn't it? Tomorrow he goes for a doppler scan so fingers crossed they don't find anything. (Well apart from a health carotid artery and good blood flow!) said...

I passed on your good wishes aims. Thank for your concern.

mr mcgonagle said...

my mum had exactly the same thing, lots of them over short period of time and still gets them every now again. called them tia, but all tests showed ok.
maybe he uses his mobile too much - oh no not a chance!!!!! glad he ok said...

OG sends his profound apologises to you mr mcgonagle. He is wracked with guilt at not having 'phoned you.

PS which mr mcgonagle are you?