Saturday 24 November 2012


This morning the BBC reported that Rotherham Borough Council took three children away from their foster home because the foster parents support UKIP.  Their reason?  They said "these children are not UK children" and UKIP is a racist political party.  WHAT!!!  Read their manifesto you idiots.

The children had happily been with this family for several months and even started calling them mum and dad.  What sort of imbicile would have taken that decision.

No, don't answer that, let me.  The same sort of imbiciles that I am dealing with at my local planning office. They don't have a brain between them. Enough said.  It makes me rage.


Sueann said...

OMG! That is horrible!! Obviously they are thinking about and don't care about the hearts and minds of these children. Sad for sure!

Maggie May said...

I was really saddened too, when I heard this news. PC obviously comes before the happiness of children. I'm sure the council have made the entirely wrong decision here. Pretty disgustingly so.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

doglover said...

Leave the children with these people? more than my jobsworth. said...

And here we are Maggie, several days later and the wretched Social Services have still not backed down despite Rotherham Council and the Government say they were wrong. In the meantime 3 innocent little children are left in limbo. said...

In a nutshell, DogLover.