Sunday 11 November 2012


Do I write about the evil bastards that have the knowledge of the paedophile rings operating in high places or do I write about the tossers in my local Planning Department.

Well, the current child sexual abuse scandals are far more scary and current - so here goes.

A year after the death of the creepy Jimmy Savile, a TV "personality",  victims who had suffered sexual abuse started telling their stories.  So far they think that he abused in excess of 300 children over a 40 year period and its quite likely that this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

How did he get away with it?  He even had keys to flats at several hospitals where he carried out his sick fantasies. Why was it only after his death that victims to took courage to come forward and tell their tragic stories?   Did he have "friends" in high places of a similar persuasion who protected him?  If so, they should be shamed and exposed to, but here we go again - are  they are so powerful that this will never happen? 

I believe that the BBC has now been skillfully bought into disrepute by reporting the story of a man who claimed that in his youth he was sexually abused by a senior MP whilst in a care home in Wales.  This former MP has vehement denied this but the result has been that BBC Newsnight was taken off air and the Governor General resigned.   A powerful warning to anyone daring to investigate these or any other claims. 


ADDY said...

I think this is part of the problem. Get it right and thousands will thank you. Get it wrong, as Newsnight and the BBC did, and you will be hounded into extinction. No wonder those who knew about the vile Jimmy Savile did not speak up for fear of being laughed at or disbelieved or taken to court. I think something needs to be done to reconsider our processes for blowing the whistle without the fear of a witch-hunt or a libel/slander case, so that victims have the confidence to come forward and the media have the courage to speak out too. said...

Here, here Addy. You have said so eloquantly what I was stuggling to express.

Newsnight was hounded for last year for pulling the Jimmy Savile abuse story and now the whole show has been pulled for running a story using, in good faith, information bought to them by a man abused in Wales.

As a BBC TV licence holder I would be interested to know who REALLY ordered the show to be cancelled last December.

Sueann said...

It is amazing how they continue to get away with these atrocious deeds!!
SueAnn said...

Yes, SueAnn, good people should no longer remain silent!

Maggie May said...

At first the whole thing seemed incredulous .....until the whole creepy thing started to sink in.
I think there are people in high places controlling everything but not the poor man being accused the other night. People much higher up than that.

It is a terrible thing to think this was all going on when we were encouraging our children to write in to *Jim'll Fix It* and that this type of thing is still going on. How can so many people have been duped?
Money speaks volumes.
Maggie X

Nuts in May said...

And lets not forget Maggie, that the "fixers" are taking the attention off of the primary scandel which is, of course, child abuse perpertrated by the satanic "Jimmy Savile circle" and this breaking story of systemic abuse in care homes etc.

It will be interesting to observe how Newsnight will deal with this if they go on air tonight. My guess is that they will apologise profusely and never go there again!

Newsnight will then become an entirely different homogenized progromme of no use to man or beast. We need investigative journalism.

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Sandi McBride said...

Ann, these sickos are everywhere, and not just in the limelight...they are in our schools and churches (and not just the Catholic Church). They need to be put down so they can do no harm to any child. I put them in the class of the serial killer in that they kill the spirits of a retired Cop I saw far to much of this and worried about my children constantly, and now my granddaughter...we all need to keep an eye and ear out for such things.