Wednesday 7 November 2012


Never one to hold back on my own personal opinions I would like to comment on my feelings towards the Presidential Elections in the USA. But please remember, these are MY OPINIONS. And also please bear in mind that in this Country I have a right to freedom of speech and I’m a crazy old woman.

I would also like to declare that I am a socialist (with a small “s”) and a conservative (with a small “c”). This is not sitting on the fence. One thing that I have never, ever, been accused of is being a sitter on a fence! I have a social conscience and believe that there should be a safety net for the unable, but not for the unwilling.

Unfortunately socialism in government doesn’t seem to work because the nature of the beast is that the more benefits handed out equate to more votes from the vast hoards reliant on them. And that’s pure logic.

So at the risk of pissing off the majority of the blogging community together with my colleagues, family and friends – here goes.

Soon after Obama was elected President four years ago I read his book “Dreams of my Father”. It made for a fascinating read and I have great respect for him as a man. BUT I worried that he appeared to have an apathy toward the British in particular and Europeans in general. “Our special bond” had come to an end and America was in danger of becoming even more insular.

In these times of global economic mayhem this is not good. We need to stand by each other more now than ever before. Instead Obama seems to have tapped into the national belief that there isn’t a world beyond the shores of America. Great patriotism, but mistaken policies. (Again, in my opinion).

As an uneducated novice I believe that globally we are looking at two views of the same vase. One view tells us that to get out of this economic mess we should increase the number of public “servants” (now there’s an oxymoron!) by creating jobs that are not wealth generators and spend more money on public buildings and infrastructure.

The other view tells us that we should encourage wealth generation, reduce spending by slimming down the bloated public sector and reduce both personal and national debt .  You pays your money, and you takes your choice. 

And now for Mitt Romney. From the wealthy, privileged background so reviled by many, he created his own wealth by his own efforts. Admirable. BUT what an idiot. You couldn’t trust the Presidency to a man that engages the mouth before engaging the brain. You would forever be living on a knife edge!

Interesting years ahead.


Sueann said...

As for me...I am jumping off the Statue of Liberty!! Ha!!

Sandi McBride said...

My man didn't heart is broken yet repairable...hoping for the best here and the return to normalcy for you!

Anonymous said...

Well stated wish I could have said it as well. Flagmaker said...

SueAnne, I somehow seem to have dropped out of "your circle". How do I get back in again? Hugs to you too. said...

Oh Sandi, I'm so sorry. Please forgive this silly old woman for sharing her craziness. I'm sure Mitt and Ann Romney are absolutely super people. Love, Ann xxx said...

Hi Flagmaker, I wasn't sure how you would feel about me blubbing on about something I know absolutely nothing of :-) xxx

Suldog said...

Fun to read views from those not ion the center of the craziness. Thanks for dropping by my place and putting up with me :-)