Saturday 17 November 2012


Is it me but has "blogger" got more complicated?  Once upon a time I used to understand what I was doing (ish!), but now I have to belong to a social network site and + share or google + and the new, simplified, (that's a laugh) all singing and dancing design section is totally beyond me. 

And why am I always being accused of being a "robot" just because the stupid word verifier doesn't understand what I type?  And why, when I switch on the audio word verifier does it spout out letters I can't hear or understand? Where has the "follow" button gone and why don't they leave things alone?  Grrrr!

Apart from that I'm OK.  In August I took up golf and last Monday graduated from the baby course to the grown up coarse.  The baby course (known as "The Academy") is a 6 x par 3 hole course.  My best result on that was 29, my worst 42 shots.  Not good.  But onward and upward, my buddies and I decided to graduate.

Hole 1 on the grown up course is a par 5, I did in 17!  After that I stopped counting.  It was a nice sunny day, why not just enjoy the walk? (I know, before you say it, golf is a good way to ruin a good walk!)  My buddies are not experts either so we dropped the element of competition and when another couple came hot on our heals instead of waving them through we just picked up our balls and walked on to the next tee.  Unfortunately the couple could play faster than we could walk, so we basically ended up walking the course. 

At the 19th hole they tried to teach us "golfing etiquette" by explaining that we should have simply stood to one side and waved them through.  They couldn't quite grasp that we are a bunch of idiots who WANTED to pick up our balls. When the truth of this finally dawned on them, they scratched their heads and ordered a double brandy each. 

Next Monday I'm praying for rain.


Sueann said...

Ha!! Sounds like a perfect golf outing!!
At least you enjoyed yourselves.

Anonymous said...

You have the par 3 course down pat. At our course here (a par 31, pars 3 & 4's course), I do great. At our par 72 course at home, it's a struggle. I always say "at least I'm getting exercise." Let's stick to the smaller courses. It's always a great social event,too. Flagmaker

Mimi said...

Fair play to you, there's far too much "etiquette" in golf! You've as much right to play golf how you choose as they have!
Blogger is driving me mad too, and putting me off blogging. The newer and better version is rubbish! said...

The company,excersise and sunshine was good too SueAnn said...

The "Academy" course is only a 6 hole par 18 Flagmaker, so it was time we moved on! The next step was to the 9 hole course. It is a walk of 2.5 miles, but by the time I hit the ball all over the place it's probably nearer 10 miles. Will I ever make it to the 18 hole course. Nah, no chance! said...

I've had another crack at understanding the new blogger Mimi, but I'm beat.

Maggie May said...

I find new blogger much harder and I daren't alter anything.
The word verifier strains the eyes & is often unreadable. Even the numbers are sometimes minute.
I can't comment on golf except to remember those lovely dark chocolate bars in a green & white label that you used to be able to buy, called GOLF!
Maggie X

Nuts in May said...

Now I must admit that's a new one on me Maggie. I never came across Golf Bars. More's the pity

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Thank you for watching the interview, and for ordering my book! I appreciate the support!