Tuesday 27 February 2007


There was a conversation going on in the office recently about “defining moments” which got me thinking. What was my defining moment? Stick with it my friend you are about to discover the real person that lurks inside this old crone. Eagles, eat your hearts out. I swear this is true.

Driving through Tucsan on a hot summers day I spot a beautiful, young, blond cowgirl waiting to cross the road. I point her out to my husband and friends – “see that cowgirl over there, that’s me inside”. “Friends” and old grumpy dissolve into hysterical laughter.

When old grumpy finally recoveres he spots a Dunkin Donut, his real passion. A quick U-turn to sample the delights of freshly dunked bits of heaven leave the “cowgirl inside” wonding how a crone had invaded her body? She certainly doesn’t recognise her from any photographs, although she has to acknowledge that she does look a bit like her mother.

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