Saturday 24 February 2007


At 1710 Davy (aka old grumpy) announced that he was going to clean the car. I asked sweetly if would not have been preferable to do it in the daylight and before the rain came. He wondered out loud what made me such a smart ass and promptly went out to his roomy, brightly lit, dry, double garage leaving me feeling like a fool. Now that’s not very friendly. I think he is having problems with this retirement thing too.

We have friends (believe it or not we do have friends) that actually appear to enjoy retirement. They sanzzy doodle along, doing the shopping thing, playing golf and being very sociable and harmonious with each other. We, on the other hand, may end up murdering each other.

I should explain that we are not really retired, just playing at staying out of people’s hair for a while. When we have lulled them into a false sense of security we will return.

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