Wednesday 28 February 2007


WEDNESDAY 28/02/2007

The “end of month” rolls around again. During my working incarnation this was a most stressful and traumatic or joyful and satisfying time. Either way, it was a time when I would not dream of being absent without leave. Now my whole life is absent without leave. Enough of the pity pot. End of month. A subject I could speak about for days.

In the good old days we sweated over every penny and sales were king. The end of month routine gave us all the management information on which to base radical decisions.

Should we pay the VAT or pay the unpaid VAT penalties and pay the mortgage instead?

Should we take a risk and employ that WWW genius? Guarantee him work for 1 year? Was this the way to go?

Should we upgrade a couple of computers?

Should beg the bank manager for more compassion?

Now it seems that my life is run by a bloodless “bottom line” committee. Very professional, cold and unemotional. Sure, I sleep better at nights now, and I can afford to squander the kids inheritance money, but I must admit that I miss the endorphin rushes.

But hey, let's look on the bright side. Yesterday I was invited to meet potential new Sales Managers and won a free lunch out of the deal and this morning I have been invited to view the new website before it goes live. Time for more sport!

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Ashley said...

Thing is would you do it all again? What would be different? What's the new venture going to be? I can tell from your blogging that perhaps shopping and holidays are not cutting it, and no matter what you say, you can tell you miss it all. Yes even those uncomfortable times of old you just mentioned.

Keep up the blogging, I await the next installment...