Monday 26 February 2007


Monday again. My sanity hangs of the pathetic thread of waiting for my colleagues to return to work so that I can sit on the sidelines and listen to tales of their fabulous weekends.

This morning I also had another pressing need. I wanted grown ups to investigate why hotels on our Infotel website in Stockholm were booked up for months ahead. Was there to be a mass immigration to the only safe place remaining on this planet? Was there going to be nude dancing in the streets? Was everyone flocking there to witness the public humiliation and ridicule of Gordon Brown (nah! That is happening right here, right now, in this country), whatever, the city was full.

My colleagues are a wonderfully sangfroid bunch of people and to their eternal credit very supportive, loving and tolerant of this old nuisance.

The early birders in IT looked into the problem. Rob to the rescue. He did what all smart alec IT’ers do and immediately bought up a list of available hotels. I hovered behind him getting angry and shouted “Yes, but do what I did. I’m your normal punter and it doesn’t work for me” “OK, what did you do?” “Start at the beginning, type in Stockholm and the Country”. He did Stockholm, Sweden – up comes the list. “Oh! Is Stockholm in Sweden? I thought it was in Denmark. Well, anyway that’s not good enough, it should intelligently inform me that Stockholm is in Sweden”. Everyone looks stunned at my superior logic and intellect and I slink off to lick my wounds – again!

What else can get up to today?

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Ashley said...

Now if you would only login to the site it would instantly recognise you as senior management and enable the 'Pointy Haired Boss' Module or PHBM. The PHBM automatically detects and corrects several common mistakes made by senior management types transparently.

Even though this has been a light hearted comment, this incident prompted a conversation in IT on actually implementing something similar to the PHBM idea, thanks for the inspiration! Perhaps we should name it in your honour if we create it. ;)