Friday 23 February 2007


I have been respectfully requested to make a controlled withdrawal from my beloved business by my gob-smackingly ungrateful children who insist that they need space to develop and now refuse to listen to my very sensible suggestions and directives. In other words, they want me to retire!

I probably should be careful about bad mouthing the kids or they may one day leave old grumpy (my husband) and me to fester in some rat infested “retirement home”.

So, what will I do with all this spare time that I now have? I know, I’ll have a go at frittering away their inheritance money by booking as many airline tickets as possible in as short a time as possible.

My target list is:

Four tickets to Stockholm in May for old grumpy, a couple of friends and me.
Three return tickets to Geneva going out in July and coming back in August. Two for my great-grandaughters and one for me.
One return ticket in August to Geneva for mother of said great-grandchildren so that she can collect them while I stay on to recover.
Four more return tickets to my glorious mountain hideaway for old grumpy and three more grandchildren (who’s mother is leaving them with us while she goes on the “honeymoon we never had” – bully for her)
Two or three return tickets to New York in October. Why two or three? That’s another story.

When I “discussed” my plan with old grumpy he said “if they (and I’m presuming that he means the kids and not alien beings) manage to get you committed I’m not coming to visit you”. I just told him that I don’t need him to visit, as far as I am concerned he can just blog off out of my life – so there.

I actually lied about my “task for today” being a new idea. On the quiet I have managed to ratchet up quite an impressive diary for the next few months that includes

· a weekend in Bracknell in March (I know, probably not the most exciting destination in the world);
· a “one day at a time” weekend convention in Letterkenny, Northern Ireland in April which we may extend to include an “enquire about the ancesters” side trip to Belfast:
· a racing weekend to the Oaks and Derby in June;
· and last, but not least (as they say) a nine-day trip on the Orient Express from Istanbul in September with my mad mate Monica.

Add to this the new target list and I MAY keep myself out of trouble for a while.

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