Sunday 8 April 2007


The children that bed hop in the night are here. Not too bad last night though - they didn’t land in our bed until 0545 this morning. In fact pretty good. Dare I say this? Are they getting slightly better as they get older?

I did my usual, bailed out and went into the spare bed. Half and hour later my dear husband comes staggering past me into the bathroom. “Why are you using this bathroom, why don’t you use your own?” “I thought I might wake them up and I would rather wake you”. Charming.

We then progress to an early start in the day - Easter Sunday. East Sunday equals chocolate Easter eggs. Chocolate Easter eggs equal mess. Mess equals me battling against two unruly children and an even more unruly granddad. You get my drift?

In the middle of all this chaos I hear “Where are you” “What does granddad want?” “Nothing, he just wants you there”. Ain’t that the truth.

Scratch the surface of any human being and inside there is a raging animal. They scratched and out came the animal, ready to attack the kids in general and granddad in particular. The eldest child remonstrates with me “You can’t do that in this house” “What? ” “Talk back to granddad”. No and I can’t do it in the office or in the privacy of my own bedroom either.

A summons by royal command arrives courtesy of great granddaughter number two. “Granddad wants you to cut his hair” She then wanders in to observe the fascinating process. “Don’t come in here with that milk while people are cutting hair”. People, that’s me he’s talking about! This is my station in life. When I complain old grumpy claims that he has actually elevated me to the status of human being. Oh well, no bother then, see if he likes it when this “people” decides not to cook dinner! We’re in for a bumpy ride today.

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