Saturday 7 April 2007


This is definitely the very last on the rollerblading subject. This morning I asked “Should I buy myself a pair of rollerblades?” “No” “Why?” “You’ll fall over and hurt yourself and then who’ll look after me”. Fair enough.

I think that life is very dull at the moment. This morning there was a news item on an extreme sport called travelling to Australia overland on a bus. I thought “I can do that”. I could go in the winter to avoid all the nasty germs and live on the edge for 12 weeks with other assorted nutters. Sounds fun.

The most extreme thing that I have done this year is get rat-assed on wine, capture my great granddaughter. take her into the garden and teach her naughty words like rat-assed, butt-head, bum-face and the like. Oh we had such a delightfully hysterical evening in the pleasant sunshine.

That’s the trouble with the youth of today, they don’t have roll models like me any more. Yes, we are definitely a dying breed. We still laugh about it today, my great grandaughter and I – “get drunk again nanny and teach me naughty words”. I have to back her into a corner and threaten to duff her up to keep her mouth shut.

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