Sunday 1 April 2007


What would you do if you were totally uncoordinated and clumsy, tripped over your own feet and thought that left was right? I wonder, would you think “I know, I’ll take up roller blading”?! Guess what, my husband is that clumsy person and he has taken up roller blading. Which reminds me of an old saying. What is it now? Oh, I remember – there’s no fool like an old fool.

I am a nervous wreck after spending several anxious evenings running from window to window secretly watching him as he clings to the wall, wobbles, staggers, stumbles, nearly falls, and sliding one foot in front of the other miraculously manages to kept upright.

He said that all he needed to succeed was to watch someone skating so that he can see how it should be done. Our son-in-law suggested that he go to the roller blading disco at the sports centre on a Saturday evening, but thankfully he decided against that.

One of our young colleagues offered to give him lessons which, I must admit, did help and his confidence and, with it, speed increased. That’s when he started falling over. This, he assures me is temporary and he will soon have it licked. Let’s hope so before he either he starts breaking bones or gets a good slapping from me.

Yes, there is little doubt in my mind that as my husband “matures” he is more and more prone to madness.

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