Tuesday 17 April 2007


Now that I’m “of a certain age” I find that people speak to me like I’m an imbecile. A couple of months ago I got into a discussion about the weather with the “Practice Nurse” at my doctor’s surgery. She said that during the weather forecast they had mentioned the S word. I said “pardon”. She said “the S word”. Again I said “pardon”. She then lip-synched something that I still couldn’t understand. For a third time I said “pardon”.

By this time I’m getting very embarrassed at being so stupid. She lip-synched again and I still couldn’t get it. I finally guessed, “storm”? to which she responded, “NO, SNOW”. Now my question is, why didn’t the silly bitch say snow in the first place? To quote that great broadcaster Terry Wogan “is it me”?

She may see me as a daft old bugger but let’s not forget that I’m the babe that went “up West” and watched Easy Rider and Alice’s Restaurant back to back. And I was there when they ripped up the seats in the Odean Cinema, Leicester Square during a showing of Rock around the Clock and I tell you I’ve still got plenty of “rip it up” left in me yet.
We are, after all, the generation that discovered Rock ‘n Roll, Flower Power, Spirituality (as opposed to religion), free love, and LSD (admittedly not one of our finest hours).

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