Monday 2 April 2007


After reading the blog yesterday my husband moaned “why don’t you ever mention my great achievements?” This point was also raised by our good friend “DogLover". As DogLover is, for his sins, a man I just naturally assumed that it was a man thing.

Well, great achievements? Umm – I guess his greatest achievement was recognising my unique and charismatic charm when he first set eyes on me in that pub in Bracknell. He then groomed me for success by breaking my spirit, putting me through hell and rebuilding me in HIS image. Clever man.

So .. great achievements? He made me believe:-

That two people with only half a brain could launch a UK hotel information service in the middle of a recession.

That we could compete with the “big boys” (many of who do not exist now).

That, via the world wide web, we could transform a fledgling company into an international agency.

That winning the battle was only the start and we would then have to learn to rule.

That if Mrs Thatcher could work with only three hours sleep a night so could I - I could go on.

Great achievement today? Umm – it’s still early in the day but already he has concocted the most amazing gunge for breakfast. “Taste it” (and because I have been brainwashed I do – uck) “You’ll never guess what is in it”. This part ain’t rocket science, "anything and everything edible in the house?" “No be serious, guess” “OK, apple” grins and nods, “banana” grins and nods, “pineapple” grins and nods, “pear” frowns “no, what else”. I must confess that by now I’m beginning to struggle what else do we have in the pigging house? “I don’t know, enlighten me” “orange, what else”. Oh god, what have I ever done to upset you? “Go on, you’ll never guess” “what else” “guess” look if you don’t shut up and tell me I will have to seriously injure you”, in triumph he announces “Oatabix!”. Now I must admit that did surprise me. With that he announced that he was going out on his roller blades.

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