Sunday 9 March 2008


I’ve just been tagged by Maggie May to reveal 7 unusual/peculiar things about me. Thanks Maggie, I had just settled down to a post- lunch Sunday afternoon nap!

Ok, here we go :-

I like to sniff glossy magazines

Old Grumpy and I turned one of my madder ideas into a successful business

I can drink copious amounts of alcohol and not get drunk.

I’ve been on the Istanbul to Venice Orient Express

New innovations and technology turn me on.

I don’t like shopping.

I used to drive a new Masserati.

I am now about to ruin the post lunch naps of :-

Granny Smith
Famous for all kinds of wickedness
Red, White and Bleu
Manic Mother of Ficve
Confessions of a Rotten Correspondent
Three Dog Blog
A Mothers lace is in the Wrong

My lady that lunches has just returned from a short business trip to Dubai, having straying inadvertently into Oman! I can’t wait to hear the tale.

I just read in my Sunday newspaper of a robbery suspect in Brunswick, Georgia who was taking part in an ID parade. Not quite understanding the purpose of the exercise, the thief caught sight of the victim and blurted out: “Yeah, that’s her – that’s the woman I robbed.”


laurie said...

Hey!!!! I thought you'd forgotten all about me! you never write, you never call, and now this???

thanks, retired!

i find it very peculiar that you can drink copious amounts of alcohol without getting drunk. (or maybe you're so drunk you think you're sober??)

but it's not peculiar at all to hate shopping. or, i should say, you and i have that peculiarity in common. said...

Forgotten you Laurie, never!

Granny Smith said...

I love your listhey! I was just tagged last week for a list of six quirky things. On my blog just go to the past posts and look at "Playing Tag". Can I just add one to that list to make seven? Maybe I'll just say that I agree with you and that my seventh quirk is that I hate to shop, especially for clothes - although doing it by internet isn't quite so bad!

I'm happy to discover your blog. I, too, am happily married, have four children, 12 grandchildren (including the step-grandchildren of my children who have married twice; I tend to forget which are genetically mine and which are mine only by my sons' second marriages), and five great-grandchildren.

I'd love to hear about your business. Otto and I are still very busy with ours, which wasn't my idea, although I do share one patent with my inventor husband.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Well thanks, RAC, I've just finished working out 6 'interesting' things about me for Family Affairs tag - though I haven't got round to posting them yet. Took me ages! And now this. I'm just going out for a while and I may be gone some time.. M :) said...

Good morning Granny Smith. I also have a big mixed family of biological/step and foster children and 22 of us are having a get together this Saturday.

Our business is not nearly as noble as your's.

We used to be in construction and would sometimes take impetuous trips when work allowed but had trouble locating good accommodation.

My idea was to compile a database of hotels. Anyone wanting information would call us (pre-internet days). We then went on to make reservations and were the first agency in the Uk to have a fully interactive website.

We now work with hotels throughout the world. Our website is

Nice to meet you Granny, you seem like my kinda gal! said...

Did you get back from your walk in one piece M?

Anonymous said...

A new Maserati? Could quite see meself in one o'them..

Crystal xx said...

Yes, Crystal, it was fabulous. I was driving into town one day and my grandaughters' colleague heard the car coming and said "wow, can you hear that", "yes" she said "it's my nan". We had a great laugh about that.

Unfortunately, the old bones stiffened up and it was difficult to get in and out of so it had to go. Ah well!

Dusty Spider said...

I'm with you on the shopping thing. Can't stand it. Once the Mother of the Bride outfit is all assembled - that'll be it for another year! Flick x

Anonymous said...

"I can drink copious amounts of alcohol and not get drunk"

Is that what they tell you?

Anonymous said...

will be thiking about you on the 18th
Maserati - sigh lovely what colour
Shopping - I love bargain shopping ,setting my self a budget and seeing what I can get for less
My business is now up and running and doing good thank goddess
I just had to get back to being my own boss
Leaving a fat salary was hard - but oh the joy of being me again
You cannot beat it said...

And wow, Flick, doesn't the Mother of the Bride outfit pile on the pressure. Good luck with it. said...

Mmmm? Is it just possible that you are right Mutley? Maybe that's why I'm so popular at parties! said...

The Maserati was deep blue with cream upholstery. Very Holywood!

Nothing like working for yourself is there? I hope you enjoy great success.

And thanks for thinking of us on 18th, we will need all the good vibes we can get.

Jean Genie(us) said...

Maserati she had - don't anyone suspect it was old bones drove RAC away from that- there ain't an old bone in this lovely lady's body.

Don't know another way other than this blog for a "hand-hold" and communal wish for Old Grumpy on the 18th. Might I say that everyone who reads your blogs, everyone that knows you and anyone who might just happen across you wishes you both well and we're there holding virtual hands on Tuesday!!! Loves yous honeys!!!!

PS Glass of wine on good result!!!! Got it booked already!!! said...

Jeanie, what can I say! My bones are old and stiff, but nothing a good glass of red can't fix. I will feel your good thoughts on Tuesday, and more to the point, so will Old Grumpy.