Thursday 27 March 2008


In anticipation of my prolonged stay in a hotel I came well prepared with my computer set up to access my email, a direct link to the office and the facility to keep me current with other bloggers.

Well, we all know about the best laid plans. Firstly the telephone signal was't strong enough for my "dongle". My alternative internet access is either £15 a day, which I refuse to pay, or £1 to buy 10 minutes on the machine in reception which is now broken.

So here I am struggling with my blackberry.

Enough of me. The update on OG is the plan for him to come home for the weekend his s blip yesterday. He was looking forward to my regular visit and was feeling so much better. He had his first shower and was taking his ablutions whe he felt unwell. When I arrived he was in bed looking very grey, completely out of it, the bed was tipped back with his feet elevated and he was having an ECG.

I asked if he had taken his Tramadol. The answer was that he had taken 1 instead of 2. I suggested they give him another one and was told that as he had asked for only 1 they were not allowed to give him more until the next drug round at lunchtime!

And guess what, two tablets at lunch time did the trick. It was like a miracle had happened - again! Is it me!

Apart from the pill saga the hospital is very impressive. I had wondered if the older part of the hospital was kept to the same standard and apparently it is. So the question is - if it can be done here in this sprawling 70acre building, why can't it be done in every hospital.
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DogLover said...

Could you make out a card to hang above his bed where they usually put "NIL BY MOUTH" - with the words "TWO TRAMADOL DAILY" ?

Make sure that's the right name !!!

What's an s blip? Perhaps I should ask SwearingMother !

laurie said...

my dear, are there no written prescriptions lying about for this tramadol that he seems to need so desperately???

i can't believe they denied him his second pill.

i would be very angry.

but i'm glad the pills at noontime helped. man oh man. you just have to be so vigilant!

aims said...

I know they have rules and regulations - but really! If it works then I don't get it!

I agree with Doglover - get the sign made...

Maggie May said...

All this hospital protocol! I wonder how long it will be before he can come home! Then you can just use commonsense.
I feel as though we have had a bit of a reprieve ...... H's blood test was better than we thought. Can relax for another 3 months! This wretched disease has us by the throat at times & all the worry over the years ...... well it can only be imagined! said...

I guess it is easier for us to critisize and it is for them to get it right. They have strict procedures and a few "jobs worths".

It's not like me to be lenient is it? I must be mellowing in my old age (which I should say I am feeling right now - my old age that is!).

What excellent news from you Maggie May, there is light at the end of the tunnel.