Saturday 22 March 2008


Now the days tick away, some anxious times, some relief. The day after the operation, Wednesday, was anxious. OG started feeling very aggitated. As the hours went by I could see him getting worse. Everyone put it down to the trauma of the operation, but I know him so well I could see this was something different. About lunch time he got really bad and started sweating and continuously rubbing his hand over his head.

We called the nurse who called the sister who called the "pain person". They all stood around watching him get more and more aggitated. They reminded him that he had had major, major surgery, one nurse even called it "bionic man" surgery, and he should expect to feel unwell. Was he in pain "no", can you discribe how you feel, "I can't put words to it, I have never experienced anything like this before" "I think it's a panic attack" "no, I've had panic attacks and they are nothing like this".

I suddenly had an inspiration and asked "has he been given any Tramadol?", "no, why?", "well he has been taking it for pain for a few months and if he hasn't been given any he may well be in withdrawal, particularly as he has an addictive personality. Whew, they bought the tablet and hey presto, it worked.

New staff on yesterday decided that he didn't need the tablet any more and the same thing happened again! Hey ho! Give him the bloody tablets and he'll deal with getting off of them when he is over this.

Apart from that things are going very well apart from my poor grandson going down with flu. Poor lad, after taking three days holiday to look after me he ended up in bed and I daren't go near him in case I spread it to the hospital. Sods law!

I have had the company of my daughters and my friend Kerry though which has been wonderful and a boost for OG. Today my granddaughter is visiting and tomorrow Kerry has invited me to Sunday Lunch so we have set up a little routine that makes the days seem more normal.

Thanks to everyone that has been so supportive and your prayers and good thoughts are working miracles here because apart from the little setback with the tablets OG is amazing everyone with his speed of recovery and determination, but I could have told them this would happen anyway.

Love to all


Maggie May said...

Glad the little trauma of withdrawal is ended & hubbie is making good progress.
He sounds a strong fighter!
All the best for the rest of his stay in hospital.

laurie said...

oh my gosh hospitals making decisions like that summarily is DANGEROUS. i 'm so glad you remembered his medication.

we had similiar problems earlier this year with my mother-in-law, who was hospitalized for pneumonia, which caused a secondary problem with her heart.

won't bore you with details, but we had to figure out what was wrong with her later when problems arose...and it was because of staff not giving her meds she needed and had been taking for years.

so scary.

i wish him a very very speedy recovery and i'm so glad he has you looking out for him.

aims said...

Oooh! I was thinking some sort of med complication when you started to describe his symptoms...

You have to stay on top of everything when someone is in the's not like it use to be .....(sorry RC - but I think even she would agree)....

Thinking of you both!

Dusty Spider said...

Lucky you were there to mention the drugs he needs. Wasn't that on his notes?! Glad to hear that you are being looked after as well. Hope everything keeps improving. Thinking of you. Flick x

Anonymous said...

Glad you're there to oversee OG's recovery. We've had the same experience with my mother-in-law a long time ago. Glad the family is close and keeping you busy. Tell Old Grumpy that we wish him a speedy recovery. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Keep the faith girl he is doing well,look after you so you can look after him. said...

Thanks again for all your prayers, and good wishes. I has had such a profound effect of both of us. How could so many people be so supportive, many of who we have never met? You are a great bunch of people. Keep the faith.

All our love, Ann & Davy