Wednesday 5 March 2008


You can just about make out my logo on Wayne's cart. It looks good doesn't it? He had a good race and reported as follows:

I tested all day Saturday and managed a grand total of 4 laps as I had nothing but problems throughout the day but with some help from some very friendly people I managed to get the kart running right for the race day.

There were bigger grids this time with just over 20 karts entered in my heats, again the main aim was to keep out of trouble and get a signature on my license for the upgrade.
In the first heat I recorded a lap time 0.2 of a second faster than I went last month so at least I was heading in the right direction, I finished 15th from 21 karts.

In the 2nd heat I went a further 0.2 second faster so I’d already gained nearly half a second per lap than last month, I finished 17th from 20 karts.

Heat 3 was basically a non starter when contact with another kart forced me to retire with

The final was excellent and I made up 6 places on the first lap alone (more than anyone else!), I kept my head but I think I had set my tyre pressures a little high and towards the end of the race I was sliding about and losing momentum which allowed a few karts to sneak past me – I recorded my fastest lap of the meeting and set a new personal best, half a second quicker than last month so things are heading in the right direction – I finished 17th from 20 after starting 20th (remember I have to start at the back for every race until I get 6 signatures on my license, I now have 2).

Overall I’m very pleased after the disaster of testing, I can feel myself getting quicker and my driving is improving all the time.

The kart will now be completely stripped and cleaned before the next meeting.

Take care

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