Wednesday 25 November 2009

Be careful what you pray for!

The biopsy didn!t go ahead as planned. When they did the pre-procedure tests Og's potassium level was dangerously high, his temperature was bordering on hyperthermia, he was dehydrated, his oxygen level was low, etc, etc!

Panic mode! The Doctor said that it was Incredibly "Lucky" that he was in hospital today when it happened. The alternative doesn't bear thinking about!

What caused it? Add it to the list! Biopsy tomorrow? Fingers crossed!

More prayers please.
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Eddie Bluelights said...

Hope the biopsy goes well tomorrow.
Yes I will pray.
God bless ~ Eddie

Maggie May said...

Oh dear..... this is not what we all wanted.
Hoping tomorrows biopsy will take place & that OGs body will behave itself and stay as it should. Also that results will be fine.
Love & prayers to you both. X

Nuts in May

Sandi McBride said...

Do they know what caused it? I pray that all goes well tomorrow and that the doctor will make sure to be there!
Sandi said...

If it goes ahead Eddie. Biopsy or not it was amazing that he was actually in hospital when that happened yesterday. If he had been at home we wouldn't have known until it was too late. said...

It's not only OG's BODY that needs to behave Maggie, OG himself needs to behave too! said...

He hasn't been able to eat anything substantial for weeks Sandy and I thing that therein lies the problem. It's been a vicious circle because they needed the biopsy and until it was done they couldn't treat his symptoms because it would have interfered with the biopsy results. Once he has treatment it should help him to eat again.

The treatment they would start with is the steroid that they gave him at the District Hospital for one day which really turned him around for a while.

BioniKat said...

There was a reason OG had to be present at the hospital even if not for the biopsy. God continues to hold OG and yourself tightly in His care.

Jay said...

Gosh, he was very lucky he was in hospital, wasn't he?

I'm a believer that if we are true to our inner convictions, we will be in the right place at the right time. It happens too often that things work out for it to be pure coincidence.