Saturday, 28 November 2009


We came home yesterday, a bit shell shocked, but glad to be in familiar surroundings again. Now I have "more time" (that's a laugh) I can contemplate on the happenings of the last few days.

When we arrived at the hospital I asked if a porter could help OG out of the car. Instead they sent two nurses. The nurse who turned out to be our angel asked OG to stand up and started to get hold of his arms. I panicked that he would fall and yelled at her that he couldn't stand, she yelled back that she had been nursing for 35 years, was not allowed to lift patients and knew what she was doing. As it happened she did get him to stand and transfer himself to the wheelchair, but there was immediately "bad blood" between us.

He was helped into bed and his blood pressure and temperature was monitored at regular intervals. His blood pressure was quite low but nothing particularly to worry about. However, the student nurse that was taking his temperature told us the they had run out of the sheaths for the electronic thermometer and she was trying to take his temperature using small plastic strips. She said everyone hated using them and she couldn't get a reading. The same thing happened when she tried again later, but she thought it was the strips at fault, never realising that OG's temperature was so low that it probably wasn't registering.

When our angel nurse came to take bloods she told us later that her heart started fluttering and she thought something was wrong so she added a couple of blood tests that the doctor had not ordered and started praying.

At lunch time the doctor came to talk to OG and whilst he was there the student nurse came in with the blood results jotted them down on a scrappy piece of paper. The doctor looked at them, looked again, and told her to go and check them out and write them legibly, NOW! He followed her from the room.

A couple of minutes later our angel came rushing in, put up drips, took blood pressure, put an oxygen mask on OG whilst shouting at the student nurse to go get some sheaths for the thermometer from SOMEWHERE in the hospital and RUN. I asked what was going on. She said she would tell me later, but please let her concentrate on what she was doing right now. More nurses came to help, the doctor came in with the ECG machine, the student nurse came back with the sheaths and they established that his heart was OK but his body temperature was bordering on hyperthemic.

When he was all hooked up and safe she explained that his temperature, blood pressure and oxygen levels were dangerously low. his potassium level was dangerously high and he was dehydrated. This had all caused his kidneys to fail and other organs were in the process of shutting down too. He was acutely ill and we could have lost him but he should be alright now.

So...what if he hadn't been in hospital that day? What if that nurse hadn't been on duty? What if she hadn't had the "intuition" that something was really wrong? What if she hadn't taken it on herself to order extra blood tests? Were these miracles or just one of those things? Again I ask, how many times does "coincidence" have to come knocking before you start wondering?

He really should still be in hospital but he stresses out so much that it is actually safer to have him home. He had a good nights sleep last night, had breakfast, took his new steriod medication and is now having another sleep. I am a great believer in the healing powers of sleep and nourishment, so hopefully that is what he will get. On Monday we go to get his potassium levels checked again and then wait for the results of the biopsy.

As my nutty good friend the Contessa would say "praise be to God".


Maggie May said...

It seems to be one scare after another. Hoping that OG improves from now on and that you can both get adequate rest and sleep and nourishment. Nothing worse than hanging about in hospitals.
I am still waiting too!

Nuts in May

aims said...

I'm thinking a small thank you card to your angel nurse might be a very nice thing to do. I think they rarely get anything like that and she really did save you from losing OG.

Thinking of you and OG.

I'm glad he is home and comfortable and sleeping and eating. He will feel more himself at home then in those sterile noisy hospitals. Where people just seem to get sicker.

rosiero said...

My God, you have been through the mill and backwards. That nurse was a guardian angel in disguise. As aims says, a card and maybe a box of chocolates would not go amiss. Do hope you get through the nightmare soon. My sympathy and empathy go out to you.

Anonymous said...

Thank God who ever you deem him t be for an experinced nurse
They often know far more than the drs
OG has been through so much and he is still fighting
I just so hope for some good news for yuo xxx

RNSANE said...

It is nice to get a thank you - though we are doing our jobs, as nurses, people come and go in our lives, over the years, and often, never look back, they are just so relieved to be well and headed home.

Thank the Lord that OG survived this calamity and is with you at home. My prayers are with you two and with this nurse who continues to care and teach those under her.

Anonymous said...

told u OG is a tough old turkey and wont give up and i know u wont.
all the good both of u have done for others throughout the last 33 years weve known each other is being honoured now by Him who knows how. we have known many angels adapt weird & wonderful forms. Hugs for both from myself and the Contessa.

Retiredandcrazy said...

Good luck for Tuesday Maggie.

Retiredandcrazy said...

I did send a thank you card aims, and bought boxes of chocolates!

Retiredandcrazy said...

Things have been very tricky today Rosiero. OG's temperature dropped again and I got quite fraught. The District Nurse came in and she was very reassuring. She came as a result from Marie Curie who have also arrange for a MacMillan nurse. I think that we are finally getting hooked in to "care in the community". They say they will give every assistance so that OG doesn't have to go back into hospital again unless it is absolutely necessary.

Retiredandcrazy said...

Amen to that VM

Retiredandcrazy said...

I made my thanks and appreciation known RNSANE. There were many hugs as we left and I think that I even detected the odd tear or two. We should have gone back for OG's potasium level to be checked today but he wasn't well enough. When I phoned to let them know the ward sister said that they had been looking forward to seeing him again and were really sorry he wasn't well. The District Nurse took the bloods instead.

Retiredandcrazy said...

And hugs to you and the Contessa from us too. We love you both.

Wayne Ashford said...

When OG is feeling better I will come with bananas for the both of you.
Love to both of you.

Mare Freeborn said...

Hi R&C! Wow - I have not been checking in lately because of the Thanksgiving holiday, but I had a chance to catch up today. While it sure sounds like you have alot to pray for, it also sounds as though you have alot to give thanks for, too. Prayer & religion itself have been a little hard for me to wrap my head around in the past few years, but it sure seems to be working for you and I hope it continues to do so as OG finds himself on the road to recovery. Every time I hear a story like this, my heart opens to prayer a little more (its my head that takes convincing). What I do know is that nurses can be a "Godsend". They are willing to make an actual connection with the patient & family (Doctors are often remiss in this area)and can be extremely comforting & knowledgeable. It sounds like you got a really good one. :-> Well, here's hoping that all goes well with OG's health & yours, too. I wish you the best (especially over the coming holiday season) & send hugs. You are in my thoughts & prayers, too.
- Mare Freeborn

Retiredandcrazy said...

Yep! bananas will do the trick Wayne. Look forward to it.

Retiredandcrazy said...

I know what you mean Mare. At one time my heart and mind was nailed shut to the concept of a Higher Power, but little by litte I became more receptive and one day I had a series of "coincidences" that blew my mind. I really am a true believer, but I don't really know in what!!

I do know that the man called Jesus led a very interesting life and if I could be a little more like him it would be a big improvement on the "old" me.