Tuesday 24 November 2009


Is this the result of prayer, or just a coincidence? You tell me. After weeks of trying to get two liver consultants to schedule a liver biopsy at last we have one scheduled for tomorrow. This is how things went.

In response to the district nurse's request our GP finally made a house visit. When he saw how ill OG is he spent an unpresedented 1.5 hours with us and finally got things moving. OG is to be admitted tomorrow morning for a biopsy at 1600. He will stay overnight and when he returns home on Thursday I am to call the GP who will immediately start treatment to help the symptoms.

He had this treatment when he went into the district hospital and it worked well but it had to be suspended pending the biopsy because it would have interfered with the results.

So, prayers or not, we have movement. The results of the biopsy may not be known for a week or two but at least treatment can begin to help him feel better.

The interesting thing about prayer is that most times it can be explained away, but how often do you do this before you begin to wonder????

By the way, The Contessa's husband sent me through a link to a prayer network, www.emmetfox.net. I haven't had time to look at it in depth yet, but it sounds iintriguing.


Maggie May said...

Well to me it seems far too much of a coincidence NOT to be prayer : )

I have a CT scan tomorrow evening and the results on 2nd Dec mid day.

Hoping for miracles for you & me..... eh?

Nuts in May

ADDY said...

So glad you are making progress at last. Good luck for OG and for good results.

aims said...

Whatever brought this about - let's not do anything to make it disappear.

Keeping my fingers crossed and both of you in my thoughts for the biopsy and better health afterward.

sm said...

all the good wishes for you

Anonymous said...

Good news. Flagmaker

www.retiredandcrazy.com said...

Here praying for you too Maggie.

www.retiredandcrazy.com said...

Thanks for the good luck wishes Rosiero.

www.retiredandcrazy.com said...

I think that keeping fingers crossed is a form of praying too don't you aims.

I remember when my 16 year old daughter had a serious accident years ago while she was being operated on I spent most of my time in the toilet willing her to get better. I wasn't a believer then. Or was I???!!!

www.retiredandcrazy.com said...

Thanks for your good wishes too sm.

www.retiredandcrazy.com said...

Yes, good news, flagmaker, but it is going to be such an ordeal for him today I almost feel like saying "don't put him through it, just let him rest".

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in coincidence, but I do believe in prayer so my answer would be prayer.

You will be at the hospital while I type this, my thoughts, and prayers, are with you both.

CJ xx

Eddie Bluelights said...

I think it is prayer. We are told in the Bible to pray like a hacking cough - pray and keep praying!
I know some great prayer people in blogland and I would like them to pray for OG as well. May I tell them?
As my sister Maggie says we can hope for a miracle - in fact we can ask continuously for a miracle and sometimes it comes.
You deserve some good news ~ Eddie

www.retiredandcrazy.com said...

What happened yesterday was surely not a "coincidence" CJ. How strange that within 3 hours of being admitted his whole system started to close down and within minutes the medics reacted to the emergency and had measures in place to reverse the process. Very, very impressive.

www.retiredandcrazy.com said...

Your praying friends in blogland would be welcome aboard Eddie. The more the merrier I say!

That reminds me, I must write about one of the lovely nurse when I get a chance, maybe today, but I find it so difficult to write a blog on the BlackBerry.

But, on the other hand, it does give me something to do when all hell is breaking loose around me!!

I'm praying for Maggie and your wife too Eddie, I may not visit your blog as often as I should but I don't ever forget you.