Saturday 14 November 2009

Lost without my laptop

I took advice and used the services of INFOTEL to book a room in a good hotel. So here I am alone without internet connection! I will get it sorted but in the meantime I am using the good old blackberry! Steep learning curve!

OG in good hands now. Multi tests confirmed he does have Guillain Barre Syndrome and he is on a ivig drip until Wednesday. His liver function tests are still shocking and the liver man will be back to see him again on Monday to talk about doing a biopsy.

He is certainly in the right place. The level of care is outstanding with at least one nurse in this 6 bed bay at all times. OG is, as you would expect, very grumpy!!

We have been very touched by all your good wishes and prayers. Thank you so much. Bye for now.
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RNSANE said...

A diagnosis, at last, and it sounds like OG is getting good treatment. Your blackberry works very well but I know a laptop would be better but not much good without wifi. So a liver biopsy is pending?

I hope you are taking care of yourself in the midst of all this...remembering to eat and pausing for a good cup of tea. You need your strength, too.

Much love to you and your grumpy OG...sometimes men must be that way to cover up their anxiety as I'm sure you well know!

Maggie May said...

Thinking of you and glad OG is comfortable and having the best of treatment.
Hope he can come home before too long.
((hugs)) Maggie X

Nuts in May

aims said...

Just catching up (as I seem to be always doing these days).

I'm so sorry that OG is back in the hospital but as you say it does sound like it's the best place for him.

The medical world seems to be falling apart everywhere. I am always saying - "Where is compassion in the medical world?"

I thought people went into this field because they were compassionate and wanted to be Florence Nightingales.

It seems that people only go into this field now for the money or to examine us like bugs and talk about us behind our backs without letting us know a damn thing.

Thinking of you and of OG. He's a tough old buzzard and will come through this with flying colours. (you can tell him I said so)


Eddie Bluelights said...

Very best wishes to you and OG.
I am very sorry he is so ill and he is in my prayers - the pray list is getting longer by the day.

pea in a pod said...

og and your self in thoughts and prayers continuously.up to date now thanks to our daughters help.good to know you now feel more content with medical profession. O.G. deserves only the best. hope this gets through as i am a long way off being computer literate. love & hugs to both of you from both of us. said...

The liver man comes around today RNSANE so we may find out if he is prepared to do the biopsy. I think they are at a loss to know what to do about his liver prober. The LFT's are shocking. The belarubin in sometimes over 70, the results that should be in single figures are double, the double in the hundreds and one even up to nearly 2000! said...

I hope he can come home soon too Maggie. I had him on the phone first thing this morning begging to be taken home, but when I said he should finish his treatment he put the phone down on me. It's so hard. said...

Some would say he's a tough old buzzard and some would say he's a tough old bastard aims. I opt for the latter! said...

The prayer list is good Eddie, keep up the good work. said...

Well done pea in a pod. You did great with that. Thanks for all your prayers.