Thursday 29 March 2007


This cold and dreary day is the sort of day that you wish you could just huddle up by the fire and bunk off work. This is the sort of day when you’re retired that you wish the weather would just get a grip of itself and behave so you can go out. Get my drift – different perspectives.

Which leads me on to say that we are still not quite getting it right regarding communication between the revolutionary committee and the old guard.

There was a meeting that I would have liked to attend in the office yesterday but old grumpy wanted to go to the movies. OK, I went to the movies.

So - this morning he announced as he was walking out of the door, “I’m just going over to the office to see how that meeting went yesterday”. This is exactly the sort of situation that I have been trying to avoid, with him demanding information and then me demanding the same information later in the day. I shouted “wait ‘til I get there and then they can tell us both” – no answer.

I think, bloody hell, I need to go to the bank early and buy some bread for his lunch but now I have to trundle over to the office first. By the time I arrived I was totally pissed off with him and flounced in demanding to be included in the discussions.

They all looked at me as though I had gone out. He smiled serenely and said he had asked them to fill us in later when we were both there and asked me to apologise for my attitude. Why should I apologise when he had made me out to be a total cow again.

After I slunk out he arranged that we would return at 1230 but then told me they would call us when they were ready. At 1400 I was ‘phoned and asked if we were still coming. He is a maniac, totally out of control.

Come to think of it he has been the cause of most of my problems over the years and I will definitely have to kill him. If I don’t someone else will. Maybe that would be a better plan, let someone else go down for his murder.


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