Sunday 7 October 2007


In the few square miles around this hotel we were able to add to the list of biggest, 1st, etc.

In Intercourse (I kid you not) they claim to have "the world's largest collection of country knives".

In Harrisburg they claim to have the "most humongous teddy bear store on earth".

They claim that Hershy county is the "sweetest place on earth". I'm not sure that Cadbury would agree with that statement.

By 1915 it was claimed that Milton Hershy had "the largest chocolate factory in the world'.

And, last, but not least in the Hearshy Museum they claim to have the "8th wonder of the world. John Fiester's scientifically marvelous and artistically beautiful monumental apolostolic clock". Personally I prefer on the in Prague.

We visited an Amish House Museum and enjoyed a guided tour. It was very thought provoking commentary by a very knowlegable guide.

The Amish originally came from Switzerland (not a lot of people know that, I thought they were Dutch) and their way of life is very attractive in todays busy world.

But, I asked myself, if I was an Amish would I be allowed to squander the inheritance, indeed would I be allowed to squander full stop? I came to the conclusion that I am probably constitutionally incapable of behaving myself suffice to be Amish. Pity, because I think I would have been an asset to them.

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DogLover said...

I like the bedspread. If you joined the Amish community, wouldn't you have to give them all your worldly wealth? The ideal way of spending the inheritance once and for all.

Till the next dividends come in. said...

Ah yes! Good idea. If I gave all my worldy wealth to the Amish they surely would accept me into their community and then I would be a VIP.

They could then invest my wealth in installing electicity in the houses so that I could watch Grays Anatomy and House.

Drags said...

hi retiredandcrazy. just discovered you through wife in the north. i'm going quietly insane myself in deepest gloucestershire...can you see a theme developing here? i'm enjoying your trip through the east usa. it brings back many memories of family holidays when my kids were small and knew no better.... said...

Hi Moi, it's the brain dead thing that gets you isn't it? I have tried retirement, don't like it, want to get involved again. I have slowly re-established myself back into the office again. I'm on the mezzanine floor and I don't think that they have noticed me yet!