Thursday 11 October 2007


My mad friend and co-blogger sent me this little ditty that she suggests should be sung to the melody of the Beetles song. If you saw us in the street you would think we were two ladies that lunch (which we are, except we partake in liquid vallium lunches!) but I cannot stress how mad we really are.

The wind is up, the sky is grey
Expect nought else, it's Saturday
Dear Prudence
Life's a whole load of crap!

Born's house next door needs to be done
AT LAST the builder has returned
Dear Prudence
Let's give him a big clap (or smack round the ear for having disappeared for three weeks)

The Company's sold, New owners in
No change to us, How it's always "bin"
Dear Prudence
Yeah!!!We'll carry on 'til we wrap

The tooth's stopped hurting, that is sound
Still need NHS but they're not found
Need dentist
Let us look at the map

Have "pulled" a rib, can cope with pain
At my age tell me how I don't do it again (please!! This is the second one this year)
Dear Prudence
Don't let any of them snap!!!

Have seen your blog and where you are
Have wished to goodness I was there
Dear Prudence
Send the airline tickets asap

So here I am on Saturday
Just wishing I was far away
Dear Prudence
Could I please win Camelot, buy my Granny flat in Manhatten, holiday in the sun over winter and get a new body soonest

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