Saturday 6 October 2007


Our NEW ENGLAND IN THE FALL tour was dramatically changed yesterday when we saw the motel that we had booked into.

I was beginning to have doubts about the soundness of spending three days and nights in rural Vermont. Beautiful though it is, it is very "Deliverance". Our friend comes from Oregan and had wondered what made the settlers move across country.

In Vermont we had our answer. They had made the push west because they decided that they didn't want to stay and mate with their own kin. That is a little harsh because it is such a beautiful place, but still, I wouldn't like to walk in the woods alone at night.

The state is empty apart from this one motel that is on a busy road. The worst of two worlds! So on we moved to Albany, the State Capitol of New York.

So now our tour now is how many State Capitols and we squeee into two weeks. So far we have:

Boston, State Capitol of Mass - done that.

Albany, State Capitol of New York - done that.

Concord, State Capitol of New Hampshire - done that.

Providence, State Capitol of Rhode Island - done that.

Harrisburg, State Capitol of Pennsylvania - done that.

Annapolis, State Capitol of Maryland - going to do that.

So here we are in Amish country in a beautiful Hilton Hotel ready to hit the road tomorrow to photograph the poor innocent people of this state.

By the way, NEW ENGLAND IN THE FALL. Wonderful, wonderful colours and scenery, but after hundreds of thousands of acres of empty roads and more bloody trees we thought "let's get the hell out of here before we fall off the planet".

By the, by the way, when we left the "The Bates Motel" mine hoste announced he was a refridgeration expert and offered to fix our faulty vehicle aircon. We agreed, he announced we hadn't set the conrols right, fixed them - not, and yesterday we spent a hellish day with temperatures in the mid 80's and all the windows open.

We swapped the wonderfully comfortable eight seater top of the range vehicle for a very inferior and very small saloon car, but at least it has aircon that works and with tempertures still crazilly high we sure need it.
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