Tuesday 2 October 2007


Clues: crab, cream pie, tea party - BOSTON -Yeh!!

Impression - compact, safe, clean, WASPish. Home to the Kennedy clan, and the American War of Independence. Like Belfast, it is a diddy place with a big, big heart and many claims to fame.

We have done three trolley tours, one walking tour and one harbour tour and now I am an expert. So what's new!

We have eaten in a first class fish restaurant (Anthony's on Pier 4), a kooky place where the staff insult the diners (Dick's Last Resort), the oldest Italian restaurant for lunch , an over expensive breakfast in the Marriott and finally The Old Parker Hotel, inventor of the Boston Cream Pie where Mau Tsi Tonge once worked (if that's how you spell it) and where we ate - Boston Cream Pie. Tomorrow we plan to have breakfast in McD and then head out of town to rural Bethlehém to see NEW ENGLAND IN THE FALL.

What have we learned in Boston? Many things that other cities have claimed. The biggest, first, original, tallest whatevers. The suspension bridge is a replica of the Sydney Harbour Bridge but bigger. So wide in fact that they are planning to install lights underneath the bridge because the fish are becoming disorientated in the dark!

But I forgive them their dodgy claims. It is a wonderfully compact and interesting city with a friendly and humourous population.

Acid test - would we come back, yes we would.

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