Wednesday 3 October 2007


Here we are in New Hampshire staying at the "Bates Motel". Only kidding, except it really does feel like an upmarket Bates Motel.

The owner has an unnerving habit of suddenly appearing at your side and takes great pains in telling us that he is an ex-marine and this is his home that he is welcoming us into.

He gave us the rules "if you want your room cleaned don't leave the "do not disturb" notice on your door" What? "and don't leave any belongings on anything. I don't touch belongings. If your belongings are on anything I won't clean it" What? "And if you want trash emptied you godda tell me otherwise I won't do it" What? "And no swingers or parties". Definately, what? "Coffee is available from 0700" (It wasn't) and breakfast is sharp at 8.30 (it was, despite the fact that everyone had been waiting since 7.30!).

His wife Carol had prepared yoghurt and granola, sausage and pancakes. Not exactly a cullinary delight that took much effort - and for this we waited until 8.30. You godda be kidding.

As I type he is lurking in the background and I'm terrified in case he appears at my shoulder and reads this guff.

But despite his best efforts we had a good day with delightful people who are building a house and run a website called

The autumn colours are quite disappointing at the moment, but the good company and food more than makes up for that. As the days progress hopefully the colours will become more vivid. Although that's a poison challice, because it needs to rain for the colours to come out and we don't want rain. Today has been a really pleasant and sunny day and that is how we would like it to remain.

We took our laundry in for a "wash and fold" service this morning. We asked what time she closed "you want it tonight!" she reeled back in horror. We timidly consulted each other and decided that tomorrow would do "Well, whatever suits you, tomorrow?" "Make up your mind - do you want it today or tomorrow?". Then she saw my husband, smiled and was putty in his hands. She agreed that today would be fine. How does he do that? I asked him "How do you do that?" "easy!". I want to kill him again.

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DogLover said...

Just been looking at a gorgeous Japanese maple in the arboretum - staggering, brilliantly crimson.

Of course the whole day of sunshine makes the most of such things. Who'd want to be anywhere else than in the UK?