Thursday 26 November 2009

A tale of two nurses.

Yesterday was "interesting" to say the least. Apart from the drama there were two things that rocked me to the core and they both concerned nurses.

Nurse 1 came out to the car when we first arrived to assist OG transfer from car to wheelchair. We got off to a bad start when I was "sharp" with her for suggesting OG stand. In my usual diplomatic way I yelled that he couldn't stand and that was why we needed her assistance. She, equally diplomatically, told me in so many words to but out. She had 35 years experience and knew what she was doing. She was right, I was wrong! Ouch!

In the full flow of the ensuing crisis her 35 years experience kicked in big time and she took no prisoners! The less exprienced nurses watched and learned from a Master. She worked an extra 2 hours until she was sure that OG was safe even though he wasn't even her patient.

When the crisis was under control she asked me about the Barak Obama book I am reading and then said "I think God has plans for him". When I
asked she confirmed she is a Christian. She cuddled me and said she had been silently praying for OG whilst going about her work. Another coinincidence?!

Nurse 2 is younger. She is so gentle and talked about her 2 boys being extremly untidy. Last night she was asking about Og's cancer and then told us that her husband had bowel cancer that spread to his liver. I asked if he had died and she said without a trace of self pity "yes, and he was only 31". She has 3 children.

So another lesson learned. Don't judge a book by it's cover.

Good news. We have just been told they are resheduling the biopsy for 1500 today.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ann
Just to let you know I am thinking of you both. Lots of Love Jax x

Jay said...

How lovely that nurse sounds. Yes, she may have a brusque manner when things need to get done, but she clearly knows what she's doing. I have a vision of her being just exactly how my Mum was when she was a nurse. Not above putting people in their place for the good of her patients (doctors, too!) but kindness itself when needed. said...

Thanks Jax. said...

Yes Jay, she is from the old "no nonsense" school of nursing. What a blessing that she was on duty that day.

RNSANE said...

As a nurse for almost 45 years, I know we can, at times, appear a bit too sharp and uncaring when, in fact, we really do care. We do need to think about the patient and his treatment and trying to ensure that he survives it. Then, we can pause for a moment and offer support. It helps if we can get a little of that in WHILE we are providing care, though. It would be a big help to patients and their loved ones.