Monday 29 March 2010

1st time for Everything

This morning was my 1st time for a massage. All went OK until he felt my shoulders. "ah lady zis is not a luxury, zis is a necessity! Your shoulders are very naughty." "naughty?" "yes, naughty" "ah, you mean knotty" "yes, zis is what I say, naughty."

Now there was a time when if a French man said my shoulders were naughty that is exactly what he would have meant! Ah well!

Off up the mountain again now to meet VInnie for lunch. Tiresome I know but, as they say, someones got to do it.

Please keep leaving comments. Únfortunately I can't respond right now but I love to read them.
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Maggie May said...

Sounds like pure bliss, you lucky thing you!

Nuts in May

jay said...

Naughty shoulders? Oh, tee hee! LOL!

I hope the massage helped!