Saturday 27 March 2010

Shabby chic

I found out the problem. It was a massive double decker train with a buffet bar buried deep somewhere within it's bowels! I never did find it!

"Never mind" I thought "I'll eat at the hotel". Wrong! The Hotel was serving a grand seafood buffet and nothing else. I hate seafood with a passion. Fortunately they took pity on me and dished up a life saving omlette.

My grandson Vinnie had also saved my sanity and sent bananas with my transport. VInnie always brings me bananas because he loves me and he knows that I love bananas!

My transporter was a beautiful giant who had taken time to meet and greet me because VInnie was working. Thank you so much Nick.

The hotel is what I consider typically French - shabby chic.

Now I'm off to find the chair lift to whisk me up to spend the day with VInnie.
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1 comment:

Maggie May said...

A buffet car that you can't even find!!!!!!!!
Seafood is not everyones choice. Glad you were able to get a humble omlette.

Nuts in May