Tuesday 30 March 2010

Old age? I think so!

With the best will in the world I don't seem able to stop myself doing daft things but the latest thing to happen to me really, really was not my fault and most certainly nothing to do with age. It concerns the complications of my journey today.

As this area, known as 'the 3 valleys', boasts of having more ski runs than anywhere else in the world I naturally assumed it would also have a good transport out of here. When I asked at the hotel if they could tell me the times of the trains to Genèva there was great sucking in of breath. "From here to Genèva? That is difficult. You would need internet and our connection is slow. Ask at the tourist Office". Not even a sucking in of breath there, just a straight no.

I emailed the Office and they came back with a very complicated route and finally, on the advice of Vinnies girlfriend went to another tourist Office where I was able to buy tickets for a bus and two trains.

When I arrived at the station to catch my bus what is the first thing I see? A bus direct to Genèva! Drat and double drat! I spent all that money on tickets that the miserable woman at the ticket counter now refuses to refund. So question, and this is where my age does count, do I spend more money and take a comfortable 2 hour journey on the bus or do I haul myself and my baggage around the country? No contest. I'm on the bus.
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Maggie May said...

Might have been good to see the country :-)

Nuts in May

DogLover said...

Yes, the bus - no contest! When abroad, don't fret over wasted money!