Saturday 8 May 2010


Endless electioneering will be a thing of the past for a while because where I'm going they could care less about this small Island.

I'm travelling with my good friend Jean. The reason for the trip is that her son, Davy's godson, was to graduate from NYU after 8 years following a 4 year stint at Cambridge Uni. However he has been offered an under graduate post at Toronto Uni from where he will graduate next year. Unfortunately we will have to attend that! But we are delighted to going to NY.

I am then going on to the home of Starbucks.
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DogLover said...

The Home of Starbucks! And the Big Mac? Oh, goody, goody, such sophistication!

Have a great holiday, R & C.

ADDY said...

Have a great time in the Big !Apple. The Hamersmith Broadway was a red herring then