Saturday 22 May 2010

I still have a shirt

My friends all had small wins at the casino. I had a small loss! It would have been a different story had Ashley been with me. Rumour has it that he is a pretty good "card counter" and not loved by casinos! I have met some pretty colourful characters in my life!

After having said sad goodbye to our friends Chuck & Sue who blew me away by travelling nearly 4 hours just to see me we are now on our way to the ferry which will take us across the Puget Sound to our BBQ date with Jack & Betsy's children.
We are now
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Ashley said...

Yeah its actually pretty simple to count cards. If they catch you though you will be thrown out.

Sounds fun :) said...

Simple to count cards? You must be joking, some days I can't even remember my name!