Thursday 20 May 2010


Yesterday we did another road trip, this time with Betsy's friend Sharon to Berryfields Antiques in Chehalis, Washington. A mere 160 mile round trip. This is a rural area so everywhere is miles away!

Because we were having pot roast for dinner it was our intention to have a "light lunch" of a sandwich and coleslaw. I had meant to order half a sandwich, but I forgot and this is what I got. Same old, same old - way, way too much food. We had our uneaten half sandwiches put in a box to take away. Which was quite handy because today Betsy played golf, I watched and afterwards we had a little libation at the golf course. By the time we got home we were not in any shape to make lunch so we just went to the 'fridge and pulled out our sandwiches. That sobered us up!

Tonight we have a weather warning of a spring storm with high winds and rain. There is talk of moving me from the RV into the house to keep me safe. This is new territory. We don't get this sort of weather at home, just rain and grey skies.


RNSANE said...

Goodness knows, that was a hefty sandwich! Definitely, if you're going to blow away in some storm, head for the "big" house!

DogLover said...

Amazing how one forgets how large sandwiches are in the US, isn't it. Happens every time.

I'm getting quite nervous for your safety in such a stormy country. Also, are there any grizzly bears around?