Friday 2 March 2007


FRIDAY 02/03/2007

Old grumpy and I have a homely morning routine. I make the coffee and he drinks it. We then sit in bed and watch the morning news on TV.

Question? Have you noticed that the news repeats unchanged endlessly all morning, afternoon and evening and then, miraculously, between the hours of 2230 and 0600 new news happens? How is that? Do the news ants only work the night shift?

Anyway, I digress. We sit propped up on our pillows being comfy cosy together looking through our TV window at the horrifying, scary, witless, and soulless world. How did things get so bad? Every morning I find myself shouting and swearing at the TV, demanding to know how the idiotic Home Office has "lost" ANOTHER several hundred criminally insane prisoners. Trouble at the NHS? Throw another squillion at it. I tell you, I have invented swear words that a navvy would be proud of. But seriously, it really panics me to think of the gross inefficiencies in the public sector.

Now I'm no expert but we learned early on in our business that throwing money at a problem was not the answer. (Not that we had any to throw anyway). More money and people only serve to muddy the waters and inefficiencies can then hide from the light. Several times we have had to re-group, go back to basics and increase efficiency. That’s the only thing that works so why don't the reckless morons that run this country recognise that simple fact? I'm only a 'umble typist but they are supposed to be highly educated experts. I say bring back Maggie, now there was a lady.

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