Tuesday 27 March 2007


Being retired is giving me time to sansy doodle around the town, chill out with my family and catch up with friendships I had let lapse. In fact, now that am building up a bit of a social diary I am wondering how I managed to find time to work.

Today my daughter has invited me swimming, but this is a difficult one because it may interfere with my power nap. Health or indulgence? Umm - I don’t know. I know, I’ll sleep on it and then decide.

More on the “frittering away the inheritance” front. We have recently been told that that the neighbouring studio apartment in Switzerland is up for sale. As foreigners we are not allowed to own more than one property, but this apartment could be integrated into ours to make a stunning home without us breaking the regulations.

If you read my blog on 11th March - Far, Far Away on a Lonely Hillside – you will have read the story of how we first came to buy our apartment on a 50 year mortgage. Well this is the story of how we increased our 50 year mortgage in order to buy the adjoining studio apartment

Are you ready for this? Emailed the bank, within 10 minutes I received a call from the manager, we had a pleasant 5 minute chat. Job done at an interest rate of 2.7%! This is why we love the country so much, the people are practical, un-dramatic, straight down the middle and, best of all, will lend us money.

The advantages of a 50 year mortgage? We get to live in a wonderful place and the kids get to settle up the bill when we go to that great mountain in the sky! A win, win situation.

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DogLover said...

"As foreigners we are not allowed to own more than one property".

You can buy it in my name!