Friday 9 March 2007


I read compulsively. Yesterday she describes her feelings when her husband visits. I say “visits” because that’s what it is, a visit. He persuaded her that he would like to “live the dream” and live in rural Northumberland, moved the family and then stayed in the London that she loves. Now his position is untenable. He doesn’t even have the status of a sailor returning home from the sea because a sailor is at least returning to a home he helped set up.

This poor man has a mountain to climb and he doesn’t even seem to realise it. He has no sensibilities and thinks that on his rare trips to his rural paradise it is alright to sit in her chair at the table, take over the driving, remove keys from the ring because it makes the bunch too heavy, and interfere with routines so that the kids are late for a party. He has to sit down and evaluate where he’s at before there is no place for him at the table at all.

But, he does know that she is writing all this stuff so what’s it all about? Has he been seduced by her £70,000 book deal? He sounds like a politician to me! She talks about the family being a complex structure. Ain’t that the truth.

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