Wednesday 28 March 2007


Today the builder came for a “strategy meeting”. We have been talking about doing this since he failed to start the job after Christmas. The trouble seeming to be that he is hung up at his last job with “bits and pieces”. I only hope that our “bits and pieces” become important to him too. He is vaguely talking about starting in “four to six weeks” which old grumpy accepts with a smile. He likes our builder. You can tell.

If it wasn’t for total boredom and this burning obsession to squander the inheritance money I wouldn’t put myself through this hell again. I have lived on building sites for most of my married life and know that what starts off as an exciting and interesting project full of eastern promise ends up as a nervous breakdown. Normally it is the builder that has the breakdown and as the builder used to be my husband this was not good news.

Despite the fact that he has become too unfit and old to tackle such strenuous work he was getting excited about “building up the block work before taking off the roof”. The builder blanched and looked alarmed, obviously not from the advanced school of building, but I think my husband will convince him that it’s do-able.

Old grumpy is obviously not about to be consigned to being a back room boy. A position that would not entirely jive with his personality. It worries me that he is salivating about getting stuck in, because although the man is willing the mans body is weak and this nervous breakdown might be the one that he doesn’t recover from.

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