Tuesday 20 March 2007


DogLover yesterday asked a question of Lesley in the comments section and then satirically answered on her behalf. I don’t thing that DogLover has quite grasped the concept of blogging. Lesley, I am so sorry. This is inexcusable, inappropriate and, dare I say it racist.

I do happen to know that DogLover is truly a great admirer of Switzerland and everything Swiss. Now DogLover, please behave yourself and apologise to the nice lady.

Let me tell fill you in about DogLover. He is 8 years older than me but in fact quite juvenile. Before he retired he purported to be a “MEMBER OF THE ESTABLISHMENT” and was held in high esteem by his colleagues but really he was (an obviously still is) a very, very naughty little boy.

One time on a “guys trip to the Alps” he tried to persuade my husband to invent a jibberish language. To my husband’s horror the next couple that got on the train were subjected to the most appalling display of nonsensical behaviour from this pillar of respectability. Shameful.

However, he did introduce us to Switzerland for which we are eternally grateful so we tend to be more forgiving than we should be. He actually deserves a good slapping.

I have to say that he is probably a good example of our generation. As one friend put it last weekend “I realised that I had done the 3 score years and was now in the 10 and I wondered - what will I be when I grow up?”

OR – is DogLover masquerading as Lesley in the most heinous send-up in history? Nah, surely not! I think you’ve been rumbled mate!

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DogLover said...

So, I've been rumbled and, yes, I did go the the Alps with R&C and Old Grumpy many years ago. But they took mountain madness to new heights and went and bought this fabulous dwelling with its views of the Dents du Midi, which makes me so envious!

The story of the jibberish language is itself jibberish, though there's a seed of truth in it. Old Grumpy failed to respond to what was clearly a question (in excellent Jibberish), but all he had to do was to reply in his normal Scottish and everyone would have thought he was speaking Jibberish.

13 years ago, that was. On a walking holiday in the Swiss Alps which Old Grumpy had thought up. A holiday to remember for the rest of one's life! At nearly 75, I am too decrepit to do anything like that again, but Old Grumpy isn't and ought to get going again!