Monday 26 March 2007


Email query from DogLover: Where's this? "The population of the city is expected to grow by 40,000 people this month, and every month for years to come".

My reply: Beijing or Mexico?

Answer comes back: Well done. Not Beijing, but some Chinese city that was a village a year or so back. Probably a 1,000 miles from Beijing. Can't remember the name and can't find the article!

Now, what sort of dingbat asks a serious question and doesn’t know the serious pigging answer? Answer – DogLover.

This is an email from my “tired and over-emotional” friend from Saturday lunch to thank me for it being my turn to pay.

Got home and thought I'd e-mail you straight away to say thanks and found the keyboard had blown up - famine, drought, nuclear explosions - there's nothing as earth-shattering as your keyboard has blown up - unless it's your mobile has run out of juice!!!! - so £s more than the meal I can now send the message to say thank you.

YOU SEE .............there's no such thing as a free lunch!!!!!

Take care and be happy - see you 30 June if not before xxx

30th June? That’s when we hit Covent Garden for our next girls lunch out! Lordy, lordy, lordy.
Do I really deserve friends like this? Yes! Why me Lord? I’m just an ordinary working girl!

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