Monday 19 March 2007


I have a full day ahead of me today. I have to get a new pad thingy fitted to the bridge of my glasses, take some paperwork into the solicitor, buy two birthday presents, a card and a loaf of bread, collect my OAP survival pills from the pharmacy and at 1140 I have an appointment with the dental hygienist to get my teeth spruced up. How will I fit this all in bearing in mind that I have to be back by 1300 for my lunch and then take a power nap this afternoon!! Sorry old grumpy, with such a busy schedule I may not be able to attend to your every need today

And I’m really looking forward to my lunch date next Saturday originally postponed because of man H5N1. For more on that read “Weekends? Abfab!”

My lunch date email this:

Be ready for a long lunch - this H5N1 business is a humungous story!!!!

All booked for 12.30 at Morgans next Saturday - including a LARGE glass of something!!!!!!! (To kill the bugs you understand!!!!!!)

Can't wait to see you

J xxxxxxxxxxx

Bring on Edina and Patsy again! And Morgans – hold on to your hat!


Lesley Jenham said...

Where's Morgans? Can we all come? (I am just joking)!

You sound great fun! are you truthfully a great-grandmother? Are you Swiss or English? (I was borne in Adliswil, near Zurich - where all my familie lives still - my first name was Taugwalder).

Bye for now, Lesley said...

Hi Lesley. yes I am really a great-grandmother with a 16 year old head and I think old grumpy would dispute that I am great fun!

I know that I slag off Britain, but I am British and really love this country. It's just the politicians, local government employees, solicitors, doctors, social workers - on and on and on -that I dislike.

As you can probably gather, Switzerland is my spiritual home. I love it.

DogLover said...

Does Old Grumpy know you call him Old Grumpy, R&C? And is he really grumpy - and old?

Lesley: are you related to the Taugwalders who went to the top of the Matterhorn with Edward Whymper when he climbed it in 1865? Like R&C, I am also a fan of Switzerland and its history.

DogLover said...

Yes, old grumpy does know I call him old grumpy so I guess he is not that grumpy and certainly not as old as me.

DogLover said...

Hello, doglover. No I dont think I am a relative of the Taugwalders you mention. But my familie is very large and perhaps some of them come down from those famous guides.

My Father and Mother are always living in Adliswil where they have a schop for the lether goods. I am coming to England about two years now, after meeting my husband John.

Bye for now, Lesley