Saturday 10 March 2007


News item: increase in granny bikers - 60 is the new 30! I could have told them that. How much money did it cost to commission that survey? I’m more and more convinced that I should run everything. I’m so clever and knowledgeable.

Question? If 60 is the new 30 does that make 66 the new 36? I don’t think so. When I was 36 my body bent and my knees didn’t hurt, my memory didn’t let me down all the time, I was reasonably good looking and fun to be with, my hair was glossy and bouncy and I didn’t have these odd brown blotches on my skin. Oh well!

Davy and I looked forward to growing old together and wondered why some people were so obsessed with youth. Now we understand. It’s not always a vanity thing, it’s more practical than that. Bits don’t work any more, bits sag too much, most bits hurt, beds and chairs aren’t comfortable, food is boring, as are TV, films, books and people! No, this getting old is not the fun we thought it would be.

But, inside we are still the rock ‘n roll generation that saved the whale, claimed Che Guevara as our hero, waited expectantly for the revolution, revelled in flower power, embraced life, and had great hopes for the future. We are still waiting.

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