Friday 16 March 2007


Oh I’m in full flow today! This bloody government again. We have been invited to embrace the concept of fortnightly waste collection because our landfill sites are stretched to the limits. Apparently there are no health or environmental dangers in this, provided food waste is ”wrapped properly”.

So …..can someone please tell me what I am supposed to wrap my food in? Surely not the plastic bags that I, like the good citizen that I am, have militantly and aggressively been “persuading” checkout personnel not to foist on me by the million or the paper that I have diligently been recycling to reduce my global footprint (or some such claptrap).

And have rats and birds lost the art of scratching and pecking their way into the most resistant of receptacles, albeit that the contents are “wrapped properly”, to gain access to the tasty morsel within? I think not.

Also, surely fortnightly collections will be twice the volume - so how will this help anyway? IS IT ME?

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