Saturday 3 March 2007


This morning I come expectantly to my computer to read all the comments that have been posted on my blog. None. So apart from my IT darlings (who are not at work today) I’m still blogging to an empty world.

Come to mention it, I notice that IT only comment in my time, not their own. So….I have a cunning plan. To get their attention during working hours simply dis their site and work in my blog to get results. What a discovery! Are “Change Control Forms” a thing of the past?

OK, lets start. Ashley sent me info on how to promote my blog and a link to GREAT, but I’m an old woman who can’t even concentrate long enough to read instructions on IKEA stuff, so what chance have I got to understand all that guff? I need help – NOW! Like someone has to do it for me. Comprende?

But this morning has not been all disappointments. I did receive a great e-mail from my friend Jean to warn me “aliens are coming to abduct all the good looking and sexy people. You will be safe, I'm just emailing to say goodbye”. What can I say? I simply asked her to meet me for lunch before she goes, so hopefully we should be pissed by early afternoon.

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